Cocoloco can tailor workshops for any need, any time and anybody – the scared, the bold, young, old, the established performer or the underconfident businessperson. We give very good workshop! satisfaction guaranteed!! Look what some of our customers have written:
“I was a washed up clown until I met Cocoloco, now I’m working at the Millennium Dome and loving it”. (Billy Donut , Clown)
“I couldn’t walk out of the house without shivering with fear of failure in society. Cocoloco helped me see myself anew. I can look people in the eye and say ‘I exist and I am proud of my existence!”. (Glenda Ainsworth, Person)
“Cocoloco quite simply and devastatingly gave me the power, the will and the ability to restart my company and put us well into the high profit margin we now enjoy”. (Richard Boulton, Company Director)


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