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HoTA, Gold Coast



Disrupters in Residence

Cocoloco performed a 3 week run of Everything in Their Repertoire at HOTA (Home Of The Arts, Gold Coast, Qld) in late 2020 to great acclaim. We love the brief – be artistic wherever you like. Highlights apart from the usual favourites were The ‘seven ages of man’ speech from As You like It while pouring water on a keening woman in a Victorian night-dress crawling up a grassy knoll; Fay and Ray where a married couple of old time entertainers (Fay is in a rubbish bin) battle it out in public like Beckettian ciphers; Alan and Alan perform their favourite dance shapes with brightly coloured boxes (Hundertwasser style) on their heads; Waiter Service where Glen and Glenda provide table service in the form of poetry, joke, song and eccentric short performance chosen from a menu by a person or persons at a table. Brilliant entertainment on the verge of unforgettable Performance Art!

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