He is volatile but kind
Fulminating and yet sexy
We surrender in our minds
And our bodies follow close behind


Dr YaYa is a mashup of all flamboyant dictators with a heavy lean to the left – he’s a paranoid clown, with a benevolent smile, a saint with a Puckish grin – Lady YaYa is an exuberant side-kick, sassy, idiosyncratic, could even be his daughter.

Dr YaYa is a living, breathing benevolent dictator (if there could ever be such a thing) without actually doing anything dictatorial in the heightened exhibitionistic sense of the word.

Dr YaYa isn’t performing anything other than the statement and actual thereness of his presence which is a performative notion in itself.

Dr YaYa greets people briefly with homilies, uplifting statements and bonhomie. Sometimes he will give a speech or he might give an award to a loving citizen, the Gladness and Wellness Medal of Achievement in Correctness and Furtherness.

Dr YaYa is a mashup of all flamboyant dictators with a heavy lean to the left. He is a paranoid clown with a Puckish grin.

Lady YaYa, Dr YaYa’s wife, sister and daughter is an exuberant side-kick, sassy, idiosyncratic and a great exponent of post-post-truth.

YaYa is a movement not a party. He rallies against life’s built-in absurdities, revels in breaking conventions and redefining taboos, and misbehaving with sardonic humour but uses good old common sense in a world of sensory overloaded. 

Facebook will be overloaded with comments, Instagram will be followed voraciously, tweets will be re-tweeted endlessly and snapchats will be saved forever. Cynics will soften and will be seen to be smiling through their once curled lips. Those who are ignorant of any politics as well as hardened authoritarian blinkered bigots will immediately reassess their status and veer towards the humanist and liberated left. Doubters and jealous colleagues will begrudgingly press ‘like’ on their devices. Children will enter a state of grace and beg their teachers to vote for Dr YaYa. Critics will nod and blog admiringly. Psychopaths will weep and hug strangers shamelessly. Humourless types will giggle. Elderly folk will briefly forget about their arthritis.

Dr YaYa


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