From a world where Alice in Wonderland meets The Shining performance troupe Cocoloco presents raucous, hilarious and ever so slightly bent theatre. This is cabaret performance and street theatre with a twist. Cocoloco's work has been described as "the high art of madness to perfection", as they delve into David Lynch's notebook and present Salvador Dali-esque, truly bizarre street theatre. A performance company with a love of the unexpected, Cocoloco brings anarchic, eye-catching, quirky and wildy funny peripatetic performance to theatre festivals throughout the world!

Cocoloco believes in a multitude of things theatrical, essentially, that difficult ideas and complex problems can be expressed in accessible ways for everybody to enjoy in street performance and entertainment. All art contains keys to the doors of perception, existentialism, the life behind the mask and often, innuendo. Cocoloco loves to present events that flood the audience with imagery and crazy ideas which you can take home and even mull over in your sleep. Cocoloco has performed all over Britain, France, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Japan, China, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand...





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Tel: +44 (0) 207 254 0376
Mobile: +44 (0) 7711 64 2267
Cocoloco is a performance company based in London, run by Trevor Stuart and Helen Statman, specialising in dramatic and comical street actions based on eccentric or stereotypic characterization and in bizarre and shocking theatrical shows.
Cocoloco believe in the possibility that visual art and entertainment can join in harmony in most public situations, in a manner that can be understood by all ages and nationalities. The aim is to amuse but always with an intelligent structure; it may seem like simple fun but there will always be a hidden layer of sophistication. Cocoloco like to use humour as a device and are very informed by psychology and the cinema.

Cocoloco believes in poetry, cinema, tennis, laughter, sex over lunch, lunch over sex, parties, dinners, oysters, red wine, sashimi, fresh orange juice, marmite, vegemite, Lenny Bruce, Radio 4, dolphins, volcanoes, Malcolm Lowry, surfing, Idiot Wind, lavatorial humour, crop rotation, dressing up, the art gallery cafe, karaoke, Lumiere & Son, Eric Dolphy, Incident at Owl Creek, fondue, Noam Chomsky, Sisyphus, Bob Dobbs, Zippy, schadenfreude, nudes descending staircases, the Higgs boson, Arsenal F.C., D.N.A., L.S.D., S.W.P., the G - Spot, Bimbotown, Adolph Wolfli, Sergeant Bilko, the Marquis de Sade, Louis Ferdinand Celine, E.M. Cioran, Georges Bataille, Diogenes, the muse, the news, the hypotenuse, ergonomics, farce, Harvey Sid Fisher, Vito Rocco, Slavoj Zizek, authenticity, appropriation, Alfred Jarry, 44, synchronicity, serendipity, sunrise, the specific, the general, Buster Keaton, Samuel Beckett, El Triunfo de la Muerte, the end, for now...


richly theatrical
hysterically funny
value for money

Recent projects:

New 1 hour show

'The Alice & Alice Bus Tour takes you to more places than the route map shows. It's a heady drive down nostalgia lane which leaves you discombobulated and smiling like a Cheshire cat.

"The Alice and Alice Bus Tour was a gothic, ghoulish and very funny experience. Not to be missed. " Suzanna Clark, Arts Editor, Courier Mail.

Venice Biennale

Collaboration with Elmgreen and Dragset.

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The Bar of Ideas

Directing and hosting a Victorian spectacular,
for Remarkable Productions & Central
School of Speech and Drama: see website

Tate, Liverpool

Directing Fool Spectrum
a celebration of Colour
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8 minutes. Repeatable walk-about or 25 minute stage show.
Alice through the Looking Glass reflects on herself and sees her darker side. Poetic, funny and a little naughty, as girls can be. Alices talk in unison and perform as mirror opposites.
Alice & Alice at the Roundhouse


A surreal roving act. Twitchers have spent so long bird-watching that their heads have transformed into nests. As the performers slowly move around the site, birds appear from inside the nests, surprising and delighting an amazed audience. Some of the birds are mechanical, others hand puppets.


Up to 30 minutes.

The birth of Maria's baby is dangerously imminent. Her father, the Don, is not happy. She needs a husband, a bridesmaid, a priest, a congregation, even a surgeon, if the baby arrives. Perhaps the public will help. It's an offer they can't refuse.



It's worth queuing for the portable karaoke experience that will leave you panting. Bring your panties (or we will provide them for you). Take them off. Throw them at Tom while you sing along. Approximately 12 in the box. The audience outside the box have just as much fun observing the box rocking and the underwear flying.


Sir Tom Jones Experience can be alternated with this show.
One person at a time is led into the box blindfolded and has an experience of the 'best thing ever'. An exclusive event - one minute per person, 40 - 50 audience per hour.


5 minutes. Repeatable walk-about.
Two cowboys face each other. Their weapons are not Colt .45s but megaphones playing the great Western themes. Only one tough guy wins. They ride off into the sunset heading for Brokeback Mountain.


Three beautifully costumed Augustine clowns move in a convoluted path in a stylized and hypnotic manner. They carry tickle-sticks and a picnic box. They drink from coloured bottlesand then vomit paint onto a large cloth, gurgling out an artist’s name (preferably from the Abstract Expressionist school). Their movement becomes more frenzied, the laughter more sinister. An expressionist painting appears on the cloth. They auction the cloth using nonsense language.


A 'Les Patterson' type gives a demo showing how to cook a delicacy on a good old Ozzie barbecue. Food from around the world - sushi, fondu etc, is subjected to this appalling treatment.


This exuberant man/dog hybrid is a very handy accessory for the lovely Countess Rosa and he is a VERY good boy.


Two cleaning ladies with mime and sound effects. They talk much more than they clean.


Performative hommage



MADAME BONBON will bring a magical, topsy-turvy, complex aroma and full-bodied feast to any festival. Her hairstyle alone is a drama. Follow her path as she whimsically creates a sumptuous evening peppered with intricate wit, batty tongue twisters and ridiculous riddles. She’s a barking mad royal personality, sweeping through the town, imparting accusations as vehement as they are bewildering and compliments as barbed as they are humorous. With her world weary existentialist musings, comical cupcake fortune readings, cheeky tea leaf destiny predictions and pointed innuendos, Madame Bonbon is superbly equipped to deal with any festival where English, French or German is the native language.


Willy & Wally

Willy & Wally are up to their necks in mountains of plastic but they carry on clowning regardless. As well as talking a load of rubbish, they perform a multi-dimensional melange of vaudeville, slapstick, dramatic monologue and poignant climate change dialogue. A comic exercise in Nonsense and Sustainability.


Dr YaYa is a mashup of all flamboyant dictators with a heavy lean to the left… he’s a paranoid clown with a benevolent smile… a saint with a Puckish grin… Lady YaYa is an exuberant side-kick, sassy, idiosyncratic, could even be his daughter.



An immersive, site specific, digitally reinforced, interactive, experiential walking tour premiered in Great Yarmouth Out There Festival 2018 and available for touring now.

Cocoloco can tailor workshops for any need, any time and anybody - the scared, the bold, young, old, the established performer or the underconfident businessperson. We give very good workshop! satisfaction guaranteed!! Look what some of our customers have written:
"I was a washed up clown until I met Cocoloco, now I'm working at the Millennium Dome and loving it". (Billy Donut , Clown)
"I couldn't walk out of the house without shivering with fear of failure in society. Cocoloco helped me see myself anew. I can look people in the eye and say 'I exist and I am proud of my existence!". (Glenda Ainsworth, Person)
"Cocoloco quite simply and devastatingly gave me the power, the will and the ability to restart my company and put us well into the high profit margin we now enjoy". (Richard Boulton, Company Director)


Cocoloco's 75 minute lecture on performance art will enliven any study course. In the lecture we present a visual archive of performance-related materials which explore the power of Live Art and the performative process in an informative and irreverent manner. Cocoloco has collected hundreds of images, which reflect our love of the bizarre and its relationship to everyday life.

Performance Art has mockingly been described as "... a naked woman standing in a gallery holding a dead chicken". Cocoloco brings the life back into the chicken. (Brian Popay - Natural Theatre, Bath)

"...many lectures on Live Art and Theatre simply present slides and videos of the lecturer's own work. Cocoloco also presents slides and videos of other people's work which is better than their own! " (Lois Keidan - Live Art Development Agency)

"...for all their iconoclasm and humour, Cocoloco actually does have a serious agenda." (Alex Mavro - King Alfred's College, Winchester)

For the more sensitive and uninitiated, Cocoloco can also provide a 'soft-core' lecture which glosses over violent and sexual subjects.

The lecture looks at the history of performance and studies the classic pieces of the famous, the big breakthrough moments and the major movements as well as the less well known and obscure artists. The pace is fast and the information overwhelming, but the experience is unforgettable.

Suitable for anybody interested in performance, art and culture.


Cocoloco's workshops can meet any brief. We specialize in performance workshops tailored to meet the requirements of students at any level. Beginning with physical appreciation and co-ordination skills, working up through mime, improvisation, games and vocal exercises to a testing, psychological and dramatic finale, we run a stimulating course, which really promotes confidence and creative ability.

Our workshops are also suitable for corporate clients. Whether it's for Team Building, Confidence Boosting, Public Speaking or Group Awareness, Cocoloco can help.

The workshop is presented in three hour blocks (including coffee!) suitable for half-day, full day or up to a week. We prefer group size to be limited to 20. We can handle bigger but as Socrates said, overpopulation leads to degradation. Please contact us for further details.


101 Films you must see before you die. Film lecture and performance. Perfect for film festivals.

"Cocoloco, the high art of madness
to perfection."
La Strada, Graz, Austria

"..scurrilous, fabulous and taboo-less theatre.."
Jim Whiting, Bimbo Town, Leipzig

"Absolutely brilliant"
Melbourne Commonwealth Games

"Cocoloco... is wildly funny.."
Wom Adelaide

"Cocoloco reaches the parts that
no other theatre or performance
company gets to."
H. Falkenberg, Kampfnagel, Hamburg

"..typically British brilliant street
Katrina Sedgwick, Director, Adelaide Film Festival

"..intelligent roving theatre
be studied close-up.."
Adrian Evans, Director, Thames Festival London

Trevor and Helen also work with Avanti Display.

See puregene


Bloke to Doctor: I've been having these terrible headaches.
Doctor: Hmmm. Do you masturbate?
Bloke: Um. Yes, I do.
Doctor: It's good isn't it...

...Kangaroos can't walk backwards

If you slowly stick a pin into your skin, there may be a certain point at which you are uncertain whether you are in discomfort or pain. (Wittgenstein)